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Service & Support

After Service

There is only the starting-point for the service There is no limit to the satisfaction from the customers

Service is a key factor to the business culture. It is an image window as well. The sound serving quality is a procedure of a long-term integration and innovation. It has been established on the in-depth knowledge to the customers and the full consideration of the value. GTEC sets up an extremely perfect and high standard serving system in the whole course of sale. It regards it as a part of the product quality and image and makes operation, merging and extension herefrom.



It explains the product properties, features and use ranges in detail in order to let the customer know the products, service and advantages of Gtec elevator to the greatest extent.


Gtec considers more for you as far as possible during the transaction process. What is more, all has been done under the impartial principle.


Gtec implements the perfect after-sale service and life-long repair& maintenance to every lift which has been sold to the customers. This is our solemn guarantee to you that we resolve the actual difficulties for the customers by providing prompt and efficient service.

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